The first ambient vital sign scanner is here.

Norbert Health technologies use smart sensing and data to help people more rapidly, easily and accurately understand what’s going on in their bodies.

Most solutions only measure temperature, but our products also sense cardiac and respiratory activity. More data improves accuracy and leads to better outcomes.

Our products can measure and understand patients’ health without any contact required. Our platform is safe, secure, and easy-to-use, improving patient experience and quality of care.


heart rate

heartrate variability

pulse wave velocity

respiratory rate (coming soon)

SpO2 (coming soon)

Norbert for Healthcare

Effortless, real-time, continuous monitoring of patient vitals: lower the risk of accidents in non ICU rooms between staff checks, monitor patients in their homes and even automate the check in process. Identify the onset of a potential health issue faster, allowing you to take action before it progresses.